A Software Company.


What you wish.
From Turkeyi to World !
You can buy everything you need from us. For example your dream, like a music like a software like a house.
WishesDoor is a BatOwlBee Software Corporation.



Music Production
It helps the music reach your soul and shout the emotion you want. Doryen is your greatest pioneer in leaving unforgettable traces in people's memories with psychoperception.

Doryen is Partner of BatOwlBee Software.



Reflect yourself from digital !
Your Skills - Your Experiences - Your Portfolio - Your Ideas In Short Who Are You? A business card platform to present who you are and what you do in one connection.
DijiCardNfc is a BatOwlBee Software Corporation.



Life in the steel box !
We build reinforced concrete, stone, bungalows, light and heavy steel structures.
InSteelBox is a BatOwlBee Software Corporation.



Venue And Order Platform
as you prefer!
Find the venue that suits you. Be aware of the campaigns of the venues. Invite your favorite flavor with you.
Are you a venue? You can take orders with a qr code and easily use the special management automation for you.
AddressMe is a BatOwlBee Software Corporation.


Sanayi Dijital

Idea Works Agency
Separate jobs from herd!
more simple, more creative
Are you ready to become a corporate? Company name, logo and social media management, corporate work, promotional films, professional photo shoots
Sanayi Dijital is partner of BatOwlBee Software.



Your own channel
Manage your own tv channel !
changeable theme, video mode, photo mode, logo mode, information screen, announcements, news, special for you and other curious information. instant messages and campaigns, much more...
ChannelOwl is a BatOwlBee Software Corporation.